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  • The Scroll Guitar was designed from the ground up by Dan Neafsey of DGN Custom Guitars and the customer the commissioned the piece. Taking almost 16 months to build from planning to completion, this is an epic guitar though and through. 

    The Body Neck and Top are all made from Ancient Kauri wood. This wood is harvested from mug bogs in New Zealand and is estimated to be between 30,000 and 50,000 years old. There is no other wood like it in the world. It has a figure and shimmer to it that I have never seen before in a figured wood. In addition to the main parts of the guitar, the pickup rings, Knobs and Truss Rod cover are all made from Kauri wood as well.

    Other Features include: A top quality Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard, Mammoth Ivory Nut, Graphtech Piezo System, PEC High End Pots and Sperzel Locking Tuners.
  • This a video that Premier Guitar Magazine did from the Montreal Guitar Show, last year.  It features many of my standard guitars plus a 9-String I built for Michael Coppola.  One thing to note, as of this year, 2012, I have switched back to Nitrocellulose Lacquer as the standard finish for all of my instruments.
  • This is a solo clip featuring Dan Neafsey of DGN Custom Guitars (on the right) Playing a Paragon Guitar into a Marshall JTM45 clone. This guitar features my handwound pickups. In this clip I am playing through a Fulltone Fulldrive and a Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe 2. The clip starts with the bridge pickup, next I switch to the neck pickup and then a bit later I switch on the Deja Vibe and finish the clip out with those settings. Note the Hendrix-ish ocsillation towards the end.
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