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    Demo of the 2011 Toneczar Vault High Gain Fuzz on guitar.

    ESP LTD with EMG 81/85 into a clean Blackstar Artisan 100 head and a Mesa 4x12 cabinet with V30's. 

    Speaker was mic'd with a ...
  •  (3:56)
    Demo of the Toneczar Echoczar & Angelbaby Analog Delay Pedal. Running with a pedal rig into an interface direct into studio monitors. Recorded at low volumes with an iPhone 4. Excuse the sloppy playing.
  •  (3:56)
    KAYZER PEDAL DEMO - Toneczar Echoczar set to long and dirty repeats with Skreddy Cognitive Dissonance MKII (PRS Custom 22 into a clean Blackstar Artisan 30 recorded with a Zoom Q3)
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