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Vintage Phaser

Vintage Phaser Effects Pedals For sale

A phaser is an audio effect that filters a signal by implementing a series of peaks and troughs into the frequency. This creates a sweeping technique that is very effective in lots of music genres, and is still used a lot in modern day music. The peaks and troughs vary in placement over time that creates that effect.
Phasers fit perfectly into an amplifier, so whatever amplified instrument you’ve got, a phaser could be a perfect add. They enrich and add exciting new various tones that drastically enrich the performance of the actual music. Phasers were developed in the 1970’s by different music companies. has lots of phasers on sale that could really pack that extra punch you need in your music. They can be configured in many forms on come from many different music companies. Supplied by our vendors they’re very affordable and can be a great improvement to anyone’s music. Can’t find what you want? Regularly check back as our listings update often.

67 Vintage Phaser for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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