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Bogner Amps / Shiva 20th Anniversary / 2010's / Amp For Sale

Bogner - Shiva 20th Anniversary

With a new look, added features and newly voiced channels the 20th Anniversary Shiva is the most versatile yet!

Featuring a pair of KT88 the amp is rated at 90 watts.

The clean channel has an entire new boost circuit with its separate gain stage which unlike the tone stack bypass boost on the other Shiva models keeps the tone controls active all the time. With the boost engaged its extra gain stage lets you dial well into Plexi territory.

The gain channel has overall more gain with a more refined voice on tap. Two push button switches have been added to further shape the tone. The Shift button will shift the EQ, pushed in you get a more blackface type of tone, less mids softer feel. One could say it will please the Dumble favoring players. The Mode button if pushed in will give you a more aggressive in your face feel.

A power amp dampening control was added on the back panel. This control is labeled Excursion and is great to dial in a full sound at low volumes or to adjust the right balanced bass to a cabinet and room size. Be carefully as this can add massive bottom to your sound which might overpower other frequencies and cover up an overall balanced sound. Best to keep low at higher volumes.

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Musikhaus Jever , Germany  

Contact name:
Nik Huber, Ruokangas, Fibenare, Flaxwood, Duesenberg, K.Guitars and K.Basses, Elmwood, Brunetti, Mad Professor
German & English
Guitars, basses, amps, effects etc.
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturday 10am - 1pm

We are a guitar and bass shop in Northern Germany specialized only in brands from some of the world`s top makers for electric

guitars,basses and amps like Ruokangas guitars and basses,Nik Huber guitars and Fibenare guitars and basses or Elmwood amps.

In fact we don`t want to have anything to do with the normal industrial stuff, which so often is very disappointing and this

for much too much money in relation to the offered quality. In our opinion all this has nothing to do with serious instrument making

and so we concentrate only on the makers who do their job with love,devotion and superior craftsmanship as the guys mentioned above.


Holger Hanenkamp, Musikhaus Jever @ Facebook

Please contact us regarding ordering.

  Send message to: Musikhaus Jever , Germany
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