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At the crossroads of blues, rock and country, the double-cutaway design is the standard by which most electric guitars are judged. Once believed to be futuristic in its design, the double cutaway is now instantly recognizable as a classic beauty. Never one to settle for "the way it's always been done," K-Line master builder Chris Kroenlein sought to improve this double cutaway classic, The Springfield, by improving the neck pocket angle to allow for better intonation and tone.

The end result is a better break angle and smoother operation of the tremolo system. With the addition of top notch electronics, The Springfield plays better than a vintage instrument, but still projects all the vintage vibe.

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Gitarrenoase, Switzerland  

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Theodor Hesse
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Our philosophy


We love high-quality materials and the unique beauty of fine craftsmanship!

That is why in the guitar oasis exclusively handmade guitars and amps that were made ​​with love, passion and the best materials.
We have no desire to Chinese mass produced and found that every guitar player, whether amateur or professional musician deserves a high-quality and unique instrument.

We want to see a smile on the faces of our customers and we firmly believe that our boutique guitar shop can only work with 100% satisfied and happy customers.
So at this point, a big thank you to all the nice people that we can call our customer!

Your love for music and the guitar makes me exercise my dream job, so I am forever grateful to you and will always try to do for you on the guitar oasis to oasis guitar!


Our range

Exclusive in Switzerland

We have the best guitars and amps in the world and you get Switzerland's exclusive to the Oasis guitar!
Grosh, K-Line, Fano, b3, Koll, Dr. Z, Carr, Fargen, Morgan, Port City, Bob Burriss and Headstrong ...
If you know these fantastic brands, you have good taste and will feel the next time you visit-like guitar oasis in paradise.
You should not use this brand to be known, which is not bad, you are on your next visit very much surprised and much to be enthusiastic.

More treasures

Moreover, we always carry a large number of PRS and Schecter Custom Shop guitars and finest amplifiers from Two-Rock, Tone King and Hughes & Kettner.
Effectively presents itself our pedal offer, from Wampler and JHS about Mad Professor Maxon and up to T-Rex is with us to find something for every taste.

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