Lanzi / Telecarla W. Herrera Signature / Gloss White / Guitar For Sale

Neck: Bolt-on Maple.

Fingerboard: Ebony.

Body: Guayubira

Electronics: DiMarzio

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Lanzi Luthier, Argentina  

Contact name:
Gabriel Lanzi
Lanzi Luthier
EspaƱol / English
Kustom Made, Basses, Guitars and Amps
Opening hours:

Lanzi instruments and amplifiers are a balanced blend of design and engineering, designed and built for those who are not satisfied with little, for people who value craftsmanship, the "handmade" and above all, for which not afraid to innovate.

Alfredo Lanzi (my father, who is an Electronical Engineer) started the business as a hobby, in the 60s, when he was my age, being a pioneer in the manufacture of guitars, basses and amplifiers, professional audio raided and has become an expert in valve amplification.

I, Gabriel Lanzi have continued this passion, drawing on the experience transmitted and bringing new ideas from the design (I'm an Industrial Designer), with a constant quest to reach the ideal mix of aesthetics, comfort and good sound, the three pillars of that
us is quality.

Usually 50% prepayment and 50% when I finish work.
Please call to arrange.

  Send message to: Lanzi Luthier, Argentina
Lanzi Luthier will reply you within 48 hours
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