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Lospennato / "RadioStar" Headless / Doubleneck / 2012 / Worn-out Orange + High-gloss Lacquer / Bass For Sale

Strange and seductive

The RadioStar Headless/Doubleneck is a unique instrument: a combination of guitar and bass.

The body and the pickups give it a vintage flavour, and the headless necks complete its retro-futuristic image, like it were designed by Ned Steinberger's grandfather back in the 50's as an experiment on how the 21st. century guitars would look like.

The chrome headless hardware is of the highest quality available, and complete this full of character musical artifact.


Body: Flamed maple / Cream binding / Lightly aged

Necks: Maple. Angled.

Fretboards: Ebony, golden frets, beige dot inlays

Hardware: ETS, made in Germany

Pickups /Electronics:

Bass: Gretsch Filtertrone for bass (USA) - Selector switch - Master volume/master tone

Guitar: Gretsch Filtertrone for guitar (USA) - Selector switch - Master volume/master tone

Independent jacks.

Sound Sample

(Coming soon!)

Availability: (1) in stock

Lospennato Electric Guitars, Germany  

Contact name:
Leo Lospennato
Lospennato Electric Guitars
English, EspaƱol, Italiano, Deutsch
Electric Guitars and basses
Opening hours:

How long does it take to build my guitar or bass?

Unless you fall in love with an instrument that is available, the current waiting time is 3-4 months. This is strongly influenced by the finishing method of your choice: our professional polyester finishing process alone takes up 30-45 days. A natural, oil finishing would strongly shorten the waiting time.
How can I order my new bass or guitar?

Just tell me what's on your mind. Which model do you like? What kind of sound are you looking for? Just write me an email, or call me!


When and how do I pay for my new axe?

You can use practically any kind of payment:

    - Bank transfer (is the most secure, and free of banking charges within Europe).
    - PayPal, which fees are of course not charged on the customer.
    - Please note that I do not take payments via "wire transfer" (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc).

A 50% up-front payment is required to begin the construction of your new instrument. The rest will be paid upon completion, right before shipping.
Is there a warranty policy?

My instruments are guaranteed against all construction defects. Damages resulting from improper use are not covered. Until now, I have never had a customer sending me an instrument back.

Where are these instruments made? By whom?

I made all the instruments myself, one by one. My small (but sexy) workshop is located in Berlin, Germany. You can arrange a visit, just let me konw when are you coming by. There is always a cold Coke in the fridge and hot coffee in the pot. (More about me? Check out my bio).

Also, as my customer, you are an active part of the design. You can choose:

    Painting method and design
    Type of electronics (active or passive)
    Profile of the neck
    Type of tuners you like
    Shape of the headstock and body (yes, you read it correctly).
    Number of frets
    Color of frets (silver or gold)
    Size of the fretwire (jumbo, standard, etc)
    Color the hardware (chrome, gold, or black).
    Inlay: dots, ellipses, stars, sharkteeth... mother of pearl, vinyl, abalone... etc etc.

Does that seems too much? Don´t worry, we will work the options out together to define the guitar of your dreams.

Do you have more questions?

Your inquiry is always welcome!

EMail-me, or call me: +49 30 210 24284 (as I am normally at work with machines and loud rock'n'roll, I might not hear the phone. Please leave me a message with your number. Please! Please! Speak clear! I will call you back as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.)

  Send message to: Lospennato Electric Guitars, Germany
Lospennato Electric Guitars will reply you within 48 hours
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