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Ruokangas - Mojo Deluxe

Das Top-of-the-line
Instrument der Solid Body Mojo-Serie,federleicht
eine Traumgitarre!

Body: Spanish Cedar
Top: Exeptional Arctic Birch
Color: Heritage Cherryburst
Neckprofile: 43mm Big C
Hardware: Gold
Bridge: Wilkinson by Gotoh WT3
Saddle: Elchknochen
Tuner: Gotoh SD91 Kluson
Pickups: Mojo Blues
Switch: 3-Wege
Wiring: Standard

Musikhaus Jever , Germany  

Contact name:
Nik Huber, Ruokangas, Fibenare, Flaxwood, Duesenberg, K.Guitars and K.Basses, Elmwood, Brunetti, Mad Professor
German & English
Guitars, basses, amps, effects etc.
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturday 10am - 1pm

We are a guitar and bass shop in Northern Germany specialized only in brands from some of the world`s top makers for electric

guitars,basses and amps like Ruokangas guitars and basses,Nik Huber guitars and Fibenare guitars and basses or Elmwood amps.

In fact we don`t want to have anything to do with the normal industrial stuff, which so often is very disappointing and this

for much too much money in relation to the offered quality. In our opinion all this has nothing to do with serious instrument making

and so we concentrate only on the makers who do their job with love,devotion and superior craftsmanship as the guys mentioned above.


Holger Hanenkamp, Musikhaus Jever @ Facebook

Please contact us regarding ordering.

  Send message to: Musikhaus Jever , Germany
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