1965 Fender Custom Telecaster Guitar Demo

We have always been huge fans of the Fender Custom Telecasters. We recently got our hands on an original L-series Pre-CBS 1965 Fender Custom Telecaster. On the clip below you can see and hear Klaus from V&R take a spin on it.

Demo gear: 1964 Selmer Zodiac Twin 50, DryBell Vibe Machine V-2, Mad Professor Big Tweedy Drive, Bixonic Expandora EXP-2000R, Strymon BigSky

Fender Custom Telecaster history. 

The Fender Custom telecaster is different from the Telecaster Custom in the way the it has other features. 2 different models.

In 1959 Fender came out with a new model – the Fender Custom Telecaster. If featured a double bound body. This year Fender also started to do slab-board fingerboards. Apart from the body binding there is no difference from a standard Telecaster. It´s all about the binding.


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