1992 Marshall 6101LE 30th Anniversary combo

1992 Marshall 6101LE 30th Anniversary combo

We recently came across this rare and sought after 1992 Marshall 6101LE (Limited Edition) 30th Anniversary 1×12, 3 channel combo with the very rare gold brass chassis. In mint condition and serial #498 of only 500 built. Hand signed by Jim Marshall. EL34 Tubes and a 200 watt Celestion Gold speaker made specifically for this amp.


Marshall made this amp to celebrate their 30th anniversary. It was released in 3 versions where the Marshall 6101LE features : Blue with gold brass chassis. EL35 tubes. With Celestion Gold 200 watt speaker for EU market. This is the most sought after and the rarest version from 1992, the year they were released.

The amp came both as a head 6100 and the combo version 6001. Both 100 watt and 3 independent channels. Released 1992 at winter namm. First year production house 11 tubes: 7 ECC83´s and 4 EL34. This changed during mid 90´s because of EL34 valve crisis in the market to 5181´s. Only 800 6100LE and 500 6101LE combos were made and sold out to dealers right away.

More info on Marshall´s homepage here

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