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Hendrix Fender Duo Sonic Sells for £164,000!

Here at Vintage&Rare we are huge fans of Jimi Hendrix – so thanks to our friends over at GuitarCollecting.co.uk and Marko Flyss for this shout out on a recent auction for a Fender Duo Sonic owned by Jimi Hendrix.


The tan coloured Fender Duo Sonic, played by Hendrix before he was famous, fetched £164,675 at an auction today, over 400 times the price he originally paid.

The star’s early guitar sparked a bidding frenzy at the Cameo Auctioneers Records’ Music and Memorabilia auction in Midgham, Berkshire.

Hendrix had paid just £100 for the tan guitar when he was an unknown 21-year-old backing musician.

Going by the name Jimmy James, he used the 1959/60 model from March to November 1964 while performing with the Isley Brothers.

Two original pieces of Hendrix artwork from 1967 were also sold for a total of £17,400.