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Halkan´s Rockhouse Stockholm Guitar Shop Tour

Halkan´s Rockhouse is located in the heart of the beautiful swedish town, Stockholm. We recently went to visit Jan Hallquisth and his staff in his shop. Halkans Rock House is long time supporter of Vintage & Rare and is one of the very first shops to be on V&R. The shop has a great inventory with lots of vintage guitars, basses, amps and effects. They also do repairs. So if you are in the market of a fine vintage instrument, this is a shop to keep on your gear radar. Please see the shop tour vid and pics from that visit.

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Homesick Mac’s 1st annual Guitar Retreat

Our friends from Sanden Guitars would like to endorse Homesick Mac. This July he is hosting 1st annual Guitar Retreat in Sweden. Please help us spread Mac’s message through your community. It’s very much appreciated.

Below you can read his message and a video that Nicolai from Vintage & Rare recorded with Sanden Guitars and Homesick Mac.

Sanden Guitars / Homesick Mac Baritone Signature

For more information please visit www.homesickmac.com/retreat/Homesick_Macs_site_updates/English.html .

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