Herve Prudent, France France

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  • HervĂ© Prudent

  • HervĂ© Prudent

  • Francais

  • Custom-made instruments. Electric and acoustic guitar, bass, double bass, cello, violin, world music instruments etc.

  • Email: prudent.herve(at)bbox(dot)fr Phone: +33(0)3 81 57 33 09

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  • Videos:

  • Hervé Prudent "IDA" double bass played by James Sidantry.

    contrebasse IDA de Herve PRUDENT joue pae James SINDATRY
  • Jam session in Montpellier.
  • Duo of electroacoustique saz 6 and 8 strings.
    played by greate musiciens, louis winsberg and jean-christophe Maillard, in poland. 
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