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Steinberger 4 string Basses For sale

Who wouldn't recognize a Steinberger L-series if they saw one? The headless design is completely unique and regardless of why Ned Steinberger decided to create this design (less weight, better for the materials used), the result is something completely and totally unlike anything else the guitar world has ever encountered.  The sound of an L-series is smooth and clean, and the instrument never truly goes out of tune with itself due to another Steinberger innovation that allowed for a single knob for tuning. 


In addition to the rabidly-popular L-series, Steinberger also created a number of other models, many of which were specially-designed (the M and K series) or remain particularly rare (the G series).  When one thinks of a Steinberger, however, they most likely think of the headless L-series.


Lou Reed is the most famous Steinberger player.

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