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Vintage 5 string

Vintage 5 string Basses For sale

Five stringed bass’s provide a lower range of tuning, much like 4 stringed basses. Five stringed bass’s have five strings, and commonly use the ‘tenor tuning’ for when playing solo bass or jazz. They are also often used in metal and rock music alongside seven stringed guitars, baritone guitars and other instruments that are tuned down.

Five stringed basses allow a lower ranged sound when a low B or A is used, and a higher ranged sound when a high C is used, to a greater effect then the four stringed bass. The first ever made five string bass was the Fender Bass V, in 1965. has a wide range of five stringed bass’s for sale from our vendors, and a five stringed bass could be the instrument for you. They suit any style of music and have great range of tones and percussions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Always check back as our website regularly updates with new listings.

34 Vintage 5 string for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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