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Vintage Acoustic / Electric

Vintage Acoustic / Electric Basses For sale

Acoustic bass’s, like electric bass’s, are played with the fingers and/or thumb by tapping, popping, thumbing, strumming e.g. the possibilities go on. This is both same for acoustic and electric bass’s, although both look more like an electric guitar respectively. Acoustic bass’s have dates showing early development in the 1900’s.

The electric bass plays an amplified sound when played, through an amplifier. The vibrations of the strings are picked up and are rehabilitated to an electric signal. The amplifier then receives this electric signal, and plays out the newly converted sound through the amplifiers sound system. Amplifiers are used for more hardcore music like rock and metal. The electric percussion bass, the first electric bass proper, was made in 1951 as a Fender.

Both acoustic and electric bass’s can play many styles of music genres, and offers a wide variety of both acoustic and electric bass’s for sale that could be the perfect bass for you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Always check back regularly on as our listings constantly update.

14 Vintage Acoustic / Electric for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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