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Rare, Custom and Vintage Basses

Rare, Custom and Vintage Basses For sale

The bass guitar is a stringed instrument, commonly played by the fingers or thumb, by plucking, slapping, tapping, popping, thumping, or by using a pick. The bass guitars of today both look and are built similarly to the electric guitar, but they come with a longer neck and scale length. Vintage Bass guitars produce their sound by plucking or strumming with your fingers, a thumb, or pick just as a normal guitar, however, they number from four to six strings. Basses also come as fretted or unfretted, to produce unique sounds. Vintage Bass guitars can be made from various materials, but they usually comprise different kinds of wood in the base, neck, and fret board.


The modern bass was first constructed in the 1930’s as a replacement to the double bass, otherwise known as the upright bass, and first began mass production in the 1950’s. Leo Fender created the first mass-production electric bass. His 1951 Fender Precision Bass became widely copied as the industry standard. Since then, bass instruments have been designed for many music stylings and genres. Bass designers have approached the instrument from different angles, resulting in such creations as the headless bass first developed 1979.


The type of bassline performed by bassists varies from one genre of music to another. However, bassists commonly occupy a similar role in most music types: to anchor the harmonic framework and lay down the song’s beat. Vintage Bass guitars are used in many genres of music including rock, pop, country, metal, jazz, and punk rock. Often it is used as a solo instrument in jazz, Latin, funk and fusion. Most bass players play the instrument while standing, although sitting is also accepted, for example in large ensemble situations. Generally, whether a musician plays the bass sitting or standing is a matter of his or her preference, in terms of which position gives them the greatest playing ease.


At, we provide a wide variety of vintage bass makes and styles; ranging from the most commonly used four string bass, to vintage basses with five and six stings or Squier Vintage Basses. No matter what sound, look, or quality you are looking for in your vintage bass guitar, you are sure to find it here at If you cannot find the exact vintage or custom bass that you are looking for, make sure to check back soon as we frequently update our listing of vintage instruments.


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