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Vintage Hollow steel

Vintage Hollow steel Basses For sale

Hollow steel bass’s are as you probably guessed, steel bass’s that are hollow inside. This hollowness allows for less feedback and echoing, and reduces the weight of the bass, being hollow of course. Hollow steel bass’s have unique bodies and have an enhanced and enriched tone.

It can be tapped, strummed, plucked and so on. The neck of the bass can come in a variety of woods like oak, ash, birch and such, as well as steel. These bass’s can be played and adapt to most genres of music, and can really enhance the richness of a band or orchestras, than that of a regular bass. has lots of steel hollow bass’s for sale, so check out our listings. One of our vendors could supply you with the perfect bass to enrich your bands tone. And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, check back regularly as our listings constantly update as we get new vendors.

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