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Vintage Lefthand

Vintage Lefthand Basses For sale

23 Vintage Lefthand for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers


Vintage Lefthand Basses For sale

Left handed bass’s are basically a flipped version of a normal bass. They allow for left handed musicians to easily play the bass, as long as they know how to play the instrument. The left handed bass was implemented after the guitar did a leftie version. Pianos have also implemented a leftie version.

They can come in a variety of materials and shapes and can play a wide genre of music. This can be from jazz to rock n’ roll. You can get different specialized bass’s that specialise in a certain genre of music; it’s all up to you personally. Left handed bass’s have been dotted around at different times by different types of bass companies, but the first left handed bass dates back somewhere in the 1960’s.

So if you’re a left handed bass player, take a look at Our listings are constantly updating so check to see if any of the left handed bass’s we have to offer for sale from our vendors, pick your fancy. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Remember to regularly check back, as our listings regularly update.