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Vintage Upright bass

Vintage Upright bass Basses For sale

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Thomas Wetche

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Vintage Upright bass Basses For sale

The upright bass can be called by many names, such as the string bass, the contrabass, and more commonly, the double bass. It is officially the largest and lowest instrument in modern symphony orchestra. It is used in a lot of different music genres, noticeably jazz, rock n roll, bluegrass and blues.

The upright bass is made of several types of wood to hold its exterior and is typically known to be a descendant from the violin family.  The exact year or even century of the upright bass’s origin is unknown, with dates going back centuries. Recent modern innovations were made in the 20th century to the upright bass.

The upright bass is a great instrument that fits a wide list of music, so could be the perfect bass for you. offers a wide range of upright bases from different eras and woods for sale, so it’s worth taking a look. What you want isn’t on our listings? Always check back at as our listings update regularly.