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Vintage Brass accessories

Vintage Brass accessories Brass & Woodwind For sale

This section of our website contains all of the accessories you need for your brass instrument. Whether that is a saxophone, trumpet or a horn, they suit all of these in different ways. You can buy special brass cleaning products that help make your brass instrument in tip top condition by keeping it to a clean, tidy standard. 

We also have cases for the different brass instruments, as well as brass lyres, harnesses and supports. These are all the little add-ons for your instrument that could really enhance and enrich your music. Whether you get mouth piece extras or charts and books for musical help, it’s up to you and what you want to buy. has lots of brass accessories on sale that could really spice up your music. Whether you play jazz, blues, or rock n’ roll, they would be perfect for adding to your music, or just keeping it clean and tidy. Can’t find the brass accessory you want? Remember to regularly check back at, as our listings will update often with new offers.

2 Vintage Brass accessories for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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