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Vintage Cornets & Flugelhorns

Vintage Cornets & Flugelhorns Brass & Woodwind For sale

The cornet is a brass instrument that is only distinguishable against the trumpet due to its more mellow tone, its conical bore and the fact that is more compact. Cornets derived from 1820, but were not actually developed and sold until 1928, in France. Cornets are most popular in jazz music due to their vibrant sound and bouncy music. They are also popular in concert band and brass band.

The flugelhorn, like the cornet, also highly resembles a trumpet, but is unique by having a wider conical bore. Flugelhorns were made and sold within five years of the cornet, and were also highly popular with jazz musicians. The tone of the music is much darker and fatter than that of a trumpet, but the flugelhorn also has a slight mellow ring to it. This combination has made it a very inimitable instrument in jazz music, being widely popular worldwide. has a great range of instruments on sale and the ones listed below could be for you. They create mellow and fat tones that are perfect for jazz musicians, so if you are one, it’s a must buy. And hey, can’t find the cornet or flugelhorn your looking for? Remember to often check back at as our listings update regularly.

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