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Vintage Flutes & Piccolos

Vintage Flutes & Piccolos Brass & Woodwind For sale

Flutes belong to the woodwind family and are reed less instruments that produce their sound when the air flows through the opening, making a hollow, calm sound. Flutes are the oldest existing instrument (bar the voice) known to man, being found in the Swebian Albs in Germany dating back 40,000 years ago. They suit lots of musical genres and are used commonly in classical music.

The piccolo, like the flute, is a member of the woodwind family and is literally a half sized version of the flute. Piccolos are more compact then the flute and sound near enough similar, but the piccolo has a much higher octave. Piccolos when played in a woodwind ensemble make the performance sparkle and adding brilliance due to its higher octave then the other woodwind instruments. has a great range of piccolos on sale that come in varying sizes and are very compact. They are easy to carry around and cases are available on other sections of the site. Piccolos can really brighten and dazzle a performance so why not check our listings. Can’t find what you want? Remember to frequently check back here as our listings update regularly.

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