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Vintage French Horns

Vintage French Horns Brass & Woodwind For sale

French horns have one of the longest coils of brass out of all of the brass instruments, with a length of brass coil checking in at 12 to 14 feet long. French horns descend from the natural horn, and are now informally called the French horn, due to contrary demand that it be referred to as ‘horn’. The French horn has three valves that control the flow of the air and a lever or rotator to control this and pitching.

French horns were developed between the early 16th century and the late 17th century, and traditionally didn’t have valves, however valves were then incorporated into the design in the early 19th century, creating a more hollow and mellow sound to the previous horn. French horns are made out of brass and are a very compact instrument. has a great range of French horns on sale that can really create a great effect for many music genres. They star in orchestra music and jazz so if you play any of those they’re a must have. And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, regularly check back as our listings update regularly.

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