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Vintage Oboe & Basoon

Vintage Oboe & Basoon Brass & Woodwind For sale

The oboe is a double reeded instrument from the woodwind family that before the 1770’s was known as the French Hoboy. Oboe’s can produce a clear, yet forceful sound, much to the likes of a powerful trumpet or trombone. They are very stately in music and have lots of width when it comes to a certain genre. Oboes are used commonly in orchestra, jazz and rock n’ roll music due to its powerful yet endearing nature.

The basoon is also a double reed woodwind instrument that plays music generally written in brass or tenor. The basoon became popular in the 19th century and stars in orchestra, chamber and concert band music, but it originated from the 16th century. Basoon rarely star in jazz or rock music due to it’s low and fat sound in music, a sound that is rarely used in these genres. has a great range of oboes and basoons on sale that could really enrich and fulfil your music. They both create powerful music that is highly appreciated in the music world. Is their a certain product you want but can’t find? Remember to regularly check back at as our listings update frequently with new offers from our vendors.

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