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Vintage Recorders

Vintage Recorders Brass & Woodwind For sale

Recorders date over a millennium ago and were very popular in the medieval times. They fell in popularity and declined in the 18th century due to the fact that instruments like the flute and oboe were rising in popularity. They have been revived again the 20th century to pursuit the growing popularity of historical music. Recorders are part of the fipple flute family.

Recorders come in many types of wood such as oak and maple and it has been proven that a different wood can cause minor differences on pitch and tone. Recorders create a clear hollow sound that is particularly sweet and it is thought as a prime instrument for kids in the woodwind family, although adults can prove it to its full worth and create some amazing tunes. has lots of recorders on sale that can be good for many musical genres. They create harmonic tones and are very easy to use. They are also very affordable. Is there a certain recorder you want but can’t find on our listings? Remember to frequently check back here at as our listings will update regularly.

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