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Vintage Saxophones

Vintage Saxophones Brass & Woodwind For sale

The saxophone is a member of the woodwind family, although it can often be confused for a member of the brass family, due to the fact they’re made out of brass. They work in a similar manner to the clarinet in the way the internal configuration of the instrument is placed. The saxophone was invented in 1841 and was designed to be the most powerful instrument of the woodwind family, oppose to their normal mellow instruments.

Saxophones are most well known for their part in jazz music. Since their powerful their often used in jazz solos although they are very well implemented into quartets and ensembles. They can create very stating music. Saxophones come in many various sizes and we also have cases available on other sections of the website. has a great range of saxophones on sale that can create many ranges of tones and feelings. They’re perfect for uplifting music like jazz and for more deep and mellowed music such as blues. Can’t find the saxophone you want? Remember to often check back here as our listings update frequently. 

2 Vintage Saxophones for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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Steven Goodall

EUR 5.762,-
South Africa

Tomass Tomsevics

EUR 700,-