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Vintage Tenorhorns, Barytons & Euphoniums

Vintage Tenorhorns, Barytons & Euphoniums Brass & Woodwind For sale

Tenorhorns and euphoniums are very similar to the flugelhorn, and are both brass instruments that contain valves. Tenorhorns are very compact and back up the melodies of trumpets and flugelhorns excellently. Euphoniums, although similar, produce a much sweeter tone and pitch so the instrument can blend well with jazz music. Euphoniums were invented in the 17th century.

Barytons have similar design concepts to that of the trumpet and trombone and use very large mouthpieces. Barytons are commonly used in brass bands and in music colleges, but are slowly being phased out by euphoniums, due to them having more modern concept designs. Barytons are still however used in 19th century music so still have their place in the music world. Barytons were invented in the 18th century. has lots of instruments on sale that could really enrich your music. Whether that’s a tenorhorn, a baryton or a euphonium, you name it and its here. And if there does happen to be a certain instrument you want that’s not on our listings, regularly check back here as our offers will frequently update with new ones.

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