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Vintage Trombones

Vintage Trombones Brass & Woodwind For sale

Trombones are a type of brass instrument that can have valves or be valve less. The trombone is controlled by a slider that is used to change the pitch of the music. The trombone is fairly static in the tone it plays and is classed as a large trumpet. The trombone was invented in the 15th century under a different name, but died out in the 17th century. In the 18th century however popularity rose once again and the name was further changed to trombone.

Trombones usually have music written in concert pitch, much like the euphonium and the tuba, but do have lots of music written for brass band. Trombones are all brass and can have varying sizes and weights. The trombone is much less clustered then other brass instruments such as the saxophone, and is therefore a much lighter instrument. The trombone is a very powerful instrument and can really heighten a performance. has lots of trombones on offer that can really add a needed tone to your music. They can make many varying tunes so can really add extra depth to a performance. And remember, if there was a certain product you were looking for but couldn’t find, regularly check back as our listings often update with new offers.

16 Vintage Trombones for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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