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Vintage Trumpet

Vintage Trumpet Brass & Woodwind For sale

The trumpet has the highest register in the brass family and is one of the oldest musical instruments to date; having trumpet excavations found dating back to 1,500 BCE. Trumpets create a fat buzzing, yet bright, sound which is produced when air is pushed through the trumpet mouthpiece. When blown, the trumpet will create a standing wave of vibration, which is why trumpets are popular in particularly loud music.

Trumpets are used most commonly in classical music, and like most other brass instruments, jazz. They tend to have three valves but there are trumpets available that are valve less. Trumpets, due to the fact they have a cylindrical bore, produce a buzzing bright noise which is why it’s favourable in a medley of jazz. Trumpets however can produce amazing solos when played by a skilled musician. has many trumpets on sale that could provide the perfect intro, that amazing, zesty backing tone you want or just to play solo. We have many trumpets that are popular and affordable so it’s worth checking our listings. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Regularly check back on our website as our offers often update.

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