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Vintage Tubas

Vintage Tubas Brass & Woodwind For sale

Tubas are the largest and lowest pitched instrument in the brass family. It is one of the recent additions to modern symphony orchestra, being introduced to it in the 19th century. Tubas are large instruments, which is reflected in the loud sound they produce, and there is only usually one or two in a performance so it’s not to overpower the rest of the instruments.

Tubas are very similar to other brass instruments in looks, (such as the euphonium) but sound and play very differently. Tubas can come in varying sizes and some have been recorded to be taller than the average man. They take a lot to handle but can be very effective in large groups and can play some great tones that can add dramatic affect to the performance and get brilliant audience reaction. offers a great range of tubas on sale that can really be the life of an ensemble. They’re very affordable and could be perfect for you. And hey, can’t find what you’re looking for? Remember to regularly check back here at as our listings will frequently update.

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