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Rare, Custom and Vintage Drums

Rare, Custom and Vintage Drums For sale

The drum is a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Drums are made up of one or more membranes, referred to as a drumhead or drum skin, which is stretched across a shell, and struck directly by the drummer’s hands or which a drumstick in order to generate sound. Drums are the oldest and most used musical instrument in the world, and its design has remained virtually the same for thousands of years. In many cultures, drums have a highly symbolic function and are used in religious ceremonies. In Western cultures, within the genre of popular music and jazz, “drums” usually refer to a set of drums, or drum kit.


A number of factors influence the sound that is produced by a vintage drum, including the type, shape and construction of the drum shell, the type of drum heads, and their degree of tension. Although seemingly simple, drums can produce a variety of sounds. In jazz music, drums are often used to create a sound that is high pitched and resonant, whereas in rock music, drummers often create sounds that are loud, dry and low pitched.


The most influential factor that affects the sound of a vintage drum is the drum head. Every type of drum head produces its own unique sound and as such serves its own musical purpose. For example, double ply drumheads dampen high frequency harmonics since they are heavier. Rock music drummers normally prefer drum heads that are thicker or coated.


At, you will find a wide selection of both vintage drums and hand-made custom drums, as well as other percussion instruments for sale from selected dealers and builders around the world. We are proud to represent vintage drums from the following builders and dealers:


TMD Custom Drums                             Animal Custom Drums

Fidock Handcrafted Drums                 Jalapeno Custom Drums

Heuer's Drumlab                                   Molecule Drum Company

DRUM GEAR                                         MusikBixen

Slagtøjscentret                                      Drumshack LTD


If you cannot find a particular brand or builder that matches your interests, please contact us or make sure to check back at a later time, since we are continuously updating our stock of vintage drums.


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150 Rare, Custom and Vintage Drums for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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