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Vintage Hand percussion

Vintage Hand percussion Drums For sale has a great range of hand percussion instruments on sale, our dealers and builders have a wide selection of both vintage and custom handmade isntruments. Whatever part they’d play in your music, they add a great ring and emphasise in making the music more upbeat. What you want isn’t on our listings? Remember to regularly check back at as our listings could show up with the instrument you want next week.
Hand percussion is the form of percussion when the instrument being used is held by the hand. This can range from a shaker, to a triangle, to a tambourine and even to a scraper. Hand percussion instruments generally have a wide range of materials, ranging from metal, plastic, wood and even more exotic materials such as bamboo. Some hand percussion instruments, such as the shaker, need more then just a base material. Shakers also need beads inside them, to create their distinct ‘rain’ noise.
They are typically used in orchestras as backing noise, samba bands and marching bands. Some hand percussion instruments date back over a millennium, with cave markings showing design concepts of the triangle and shakers. A rock was found in a cave dating back over a millennium before that had been hollowed out and contained lots of little rocks inside, much like a shaker.


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