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Vintage Tuned & Classical

Vintage Tuned & Classical Drums For sale

This section of our website contains all of the tuned and classical instruments of the percussion section. This is mainly xylophones, but it can be other instruments too. These instruments are specifically designed for tuned and classical music and highly fit the purpose. They can create great musical pieces and are unique instruments.


The instruments we have on offer come in many different configurations and sizes. They come from a great range of musical companies and fit a great range of musical genres. They can be made out of lots of different materials and make great solo music, group music and even orchestral music. has lots of tuned and classical instruments on sale that could be for you. They create unique tones and pitches that can really add to any musical ensemble. And hey, can’t find the instrument you want? Remember to regularly check back here at as our listings often update.

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