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Vintage Attenuator

Vintage Attenuator Effects For sale

1 Vintage Attenuator for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

EUR 450,-

Vintage Attenuator Effects For sale

Attenuators are made specifically for guitars and basses, much like the amplifier, and can drastically improve your music. They work for all types of music and can be simulated on the computer, as well as being bought at the store or bought online.

Attenuators are a recent add on for guitars and basses, and work by lowering the amplitude and/or power of the signal output, without the tone or smoothness going off balance and distorted. Attenuators can deepen the noise in effect, and could make the desired sound for your music. offers a range of attenuators to lower the amplification of your signal for sale. There all good attenuators, but if there is a specific attenuator you had your heart set on, that isn’t on our website, regularly check back as our website updates with new vendors often.