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Vintage Bass Fuzz

Vintage Bass Fuzz Effects For sale

Bass fuzz is an application that works just for bass. It greatly increases the exposure of the music, heightening it in sound and can add on dramatic effects to the music. It plugs in to the bass amplifier/attenuator and is a pedal that when pressed down, will eject the music from the amplifier to the tweaks you’ve set it at.

Most applications like this are recent and that applies for this pedal as well. You tweak the dials on the pedal to change the sound in pitch and volume and you can also drone the music as well. These suit a small percentage of music, but if that’s a music you play it is highly recommended that you pick one up from our listings. offers bass fuzz pedals for sale from our vendors. They come at a great price and can improve your style of music in a great way. No distortion occurs when using bass fuzz pedals and a bass fuzz pedal could be a critical application to your bass. Can’t find a certain bass fuzz application? Regularly check back at as our listings are constantly updating.

1 Vintage Bass Fuzz for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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