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Vintage Bass Overdrive

Vintage Bass Overdrive Effects For sale

Bass overdrive applications are specifically designed for music like punk, metal, rock and any other music that fits that kind of style. They are recent to bass music, originating near the same time as bass fuzz applications.

They work by tweaking the dials on the pedal to create the amplification you want when you press the pedal down. They are used to make harsher, deeper and more droned out and distorted tones, to fit the music they work best for. They can be used on all music but mainly focus on the music said in the first paragraph. offers a range of bass overdrive pedals for sale that would suit anyone who plays deep music. They make the tone harsher and more distorted to add a great effect most bands use when playing that style of music. What you want isn’t there? listing often update so check back regularly, as the bass overdrive pedal you want might show up next week.

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