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Vintage Booster/Overdrive

Vintage Booster/Overdrive Effects For sale

Boosters can come in an ‘overdrive’ form. Lots of other types of applications have a form like this which is generally just made for grungy, rock and metal music. Bass’s have an overdrive form as well as mixing that with bass fuzz. The booster overdrive’s can come in a variety of materials and forms.

A booster’s main job is to monitor and create differences in the music, using dials, that change the output volume, pitch and tone, due to the fact the electrical current is being changed. Like stated they come in a variety of forms so it could be perfect for your music. offers a great range of booster overdrive products on sale from loads of vendors, so it’s worth taking a look at we have on offer here. They come in a variety of materials and could be a great aspect for your music. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Regularly check back as our listings constantly update.

4 Vintage Booster/Overdrive for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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