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Vintage Buffer

Vintage Buffer Effects For sale

A buffers full name is the ‘buffer amplifier’ but is just plainly shortened to buffer. Buffers come in a variety of materials and can be great in keeping your music together when you have lots of cables and cords plugged into your amplifier. Early versions of buffers date near the 1970’s.
A buffer is critical in keeping your guitar or bass playing vibrant when using an amplifier. When lots of cables are plugged into your amplifier, they interfere with the signal and cause the music to lose its ‘sharpness’. The music will then tend to become more dull and flat. A buffer can establish the signal and output it with no distortion and to full power. It is a critical need if you overload your amplifier. offers a great range of buffers for sale to keep your music sounding sharp. Blunt music can badly affect your sound so check our listings to see if there’s a buffer amplifier you want. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Remember to regularly check back as our listings are constantly updating.

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