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Vintage Chorus

Vintage Chorus Effects For sale

12 Vintage Chorus for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers


Vintage Chorus Effects For sale

Choruses are a type of application or product if you’d call it that, which is made for a variety of instruments. These instruments include the bass, types of guitars and pianos. Choruses like most products around this genre were made and developed in the 1980’s.
Choruses are made to be plugged into an amplifier, where to similarly pitched sounds that are nearly the same, (but never exactly the same), are merged together to be perceived as one. It does this when the music is fed to the amplifier signal and merges them together without a near hint of difference from the originals. offers a wide range of choruses on sale and buying one could be perfect for your music symphony and in reducing distortion. They come in a variety of materials and could be perfect for your music. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Regularly check back as our listings constantly update.