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Rare, Custom and Vintage Effects

Rare, Custom and Vintage Effects For sale

Musical effects is a broad term that refers to any electronic device that alters the pitch, range, or sound quality of the instrument being played. Some vintage effects pedals and boutique effects pedals units merely color the sound of an instrument, whereas others are capable of transforming the sound rather dramatically. Effects are commonly used in live performances, or in the studio, and typically with electric guitars, keyboards, and basses.

Although, effects are mostly used with electronic instruments, they can also be applied to acoustic instruments and drums. Examples of normal effects units include pedals, wah-wah, fuzzboxes and reverb units. They way in which effects units alter the sound of an instrument is based both on the type of effect unit and pedals being used, and on the musician themselves, as the musician can adjust the equipment to produce subtle or dramatic alterations to the music at their discretion. Rock guitarists often create their own signature sound from their choice of musical instruments and effects.


In the past, musical variations depended on mixing in other instruments or using other instruments or playing techniques to produce specialized sounds. By 1940, musical visionaries such as Les Paul started experimenting with different sounds and reel to reel recording tape in order to manufacture an assortment of effects and echoes that previously were unheard of. Although this new musical technology was originally designed for studio use only, it was eventually developed for personal consumer use as well.


Currently, there is no agreed-upon means of catagorizing vintage effects pedals. However, the following classifications are commonly understood and referred to: distortion, dynamics, filter modulation, pitch/frequency effects, time-based and feedback/sustain effects.


At, we not only supply instruments that let you create a wide range of music and tones, we are also a superior vendor of vintage effects pedals and pedal equipment. Along with almost any mainstream instrument you can play, we also sell the specialized tools that truly help you make it unique.


Our dealers have a wide range of vintage effects pedals units for sale to meet all your needs, whether you are looking for vintage effects or custom- boutique effects. If you are looking for Stompboxes, Rackmounts, Built-in Units, Multi-effects devices or Tabletop units, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. If, however, you are unable to find that special brand or type of vintage effects unit you are looking for, check back often, since we constantly are adding new instruments and equipment.


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