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Vintage Envelope

Vintage Envelope Effects For sale

3 Vintage Envelope for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers


Vintage Envelope Effects For sale

Envelopes are a more recently developed piece of music; being fully finished and innovated by the 1990’s and is plugged into an amplifier. An envelope’s job is to create diverse effects on the fade in and fade out part of a piece of instrumentals. It can be a pedal, a phaser or even a filter.
They can create differential tones and wavelengths fed through the amp signal, and can also lengthen the fading process as well as heightening and lowering tones. Not all envelopes do this so pick carefully. They can be critical from adding and engaging start to a dazzling finish. offers a range of envelopes for sale that could be great for improving your music. They come in many forms and work for lots of amplified instruments. And remember; if there is an envelope you want that isn’t on our website, regularly check back as our listings update often with new vendors.