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Vintage Fuzz

Vintage Fuzz Effects For sale

Fuzz is a rich form of distortion unlike other types of fuzz distortion products. It was introduced to music near a post war era and has uniqueness in that it’s noisier technology at a more sustained pace. It can create many diverse tones at distorted signal lengths.

When created with the most common fuzz distortion product, fuzz effect box, the signal is sent to a transistor where the tweaking is then done before being fed out for the world to hear. Fuzz is commonly used in rock music due to the use of distorted music. offers a great range of fuzz products for sale that could be great in giving your music that edgy, aspired sound. These would be extremely good to use if you play a rock genre of music, so if you do, take a look at our listings as they update regularly with new vendors.

126 Vintage Fuzz for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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