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Vintage Fuzz/Distortion

Vintage Fuzz/Distortion Effects For sale

6 Vintage Fuzz/Distortion for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers


Vintage Fuzz/Distortion Effects For sale

Fuzz/distortion products are typically made specifically for metal and punk music players. They can also specialise in rock and roll and hardcore music. The reason that fuzz distortion products generally work best with these types of music is because of the style in which they distort the music.
They tend to distort the music, when output, in harsher and grittier tones. The tone also tends to be louder and resides on lower frequencies than normal fuzz distorters. They can greatly influence music’s tone and drone to imply a much more drastic effect. has lots of fuzz distortion products on sale from our various vendors that could greatly influence your music if your style is any of the ones I stated above. Want to give one a go with another style of music? Have at it! Just take a look at our listings to see if there’s a product that picks your fancy. Can’t find what you want? Regularly check back as our listings update often.