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Vintage Treble Booster

Vintage Treble Booster Effects For sale

Treble boosters were developed in the 1960’s, but are not used in modern day music often, if even at all. They became obsolete by the 1980’s but are slowly being bought back to life by guitarists over the world. They come in many materials and configurations and can add that extra detail for your music.
Treble boosters generally cut low end signals and add detailed amplification to what get’s through the amp. This creates a more unique, tighter sound which adds a high midrange emphasis that can really spice up and add additional detail to the music. It is generally only used for guitars and is seldom used for any other instrument. has a great range of treble booster products for sale that could add that extra oomph to your music, giving it a detailed and enriched balance of tones and frequencies. Our treble boosters come in many forms and if you can’t find the one you want, remember to regularly check back as our website constantly updates with new offers for you.