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Vintage Tremolo

Vintage Tremolo Effects For sale

Tremolo effects are still used in modern day music, after having general units developed in the late 1940’s. Early sketches of how a tremolo would work, and a prototype model, were designed and dated back to the 16th century however. Tremolo effects are when amplification is trembled, for example like an earthquake, in various different tones, adjacency and frequency.
Tremolo effects can be split into two sections, rapid and reiteration. Tremolo effects can be done by rapid strumming after a note, of the same note, just one beat higher. This is the rapid section, denoted by the name. The reiteration section as where a strum is repeated once in a higher form, to add extra detail and more spice to the music. has lots of tremelo products on sale that could a great effect on your music. They fit a lot of music genres and come in many configurations, materials, sizes, colours e.g.… so it’s worth taking a look at what’s one our listings. What you want isn’t there? Often check back as updates listings regularly.

5 Vintage Tremolo for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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