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Vintage Gypsy Jazz

Vintage Gypsy Jazz Guitars For sale

Gypsy jazz, which can also be referred to as gypsy swing, is an origin of music started in the 1930’s. It’s mainly used in France and in many countries it is referred to as ‘jazz manouche’.  Most of the gypsy jazz was in Paris when it first originated and it uses the strumming technique ‘la pompe’.

Gypsy jazz is a fast movement on the guitar that gives the music a fast, swingy feel that makes it exciting to listen too, and to watch. In gypsy jazz it helps to have two people do the rhythm at once, and in the ‘up – down’ part of the la pompe technique, extreme speed is required regardless of tempo. offers a wide range of guitars for sale specialising in Vintage and Custom gypsy jazz from our dealers and builders. Made out of different materials and ready to order so take your pick at a gypsy jazz guitar now! And remember to always check back on if you can’t find what you’re looking for, as our lists update regularly.

23 Vintage Gypsy Jazz for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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