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Silver Marshall

by Freddans Musik Jul 1st, 2013

So we sold the great Marshall Silver jb. It was a great amp and it will be missed:)


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That Smell.

by Thunder Road Guitars the 04/05/2012

Yesterday I was boxing up a beautiful 1961 Fender Musicmaster, which is heading to our new friend David in France and I was inspired by a certain something the guitar had going on. It wasn’t the look, the tone, or the feel, although those features are all fantastic, it was the smell.  Yes, the smell.  You see, some vintage guitars and cases have a certain scent to them. Not a nasty or musty smell, but rather just the smell of something that has aged well over 50 years. Most the.

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by Thunder Road Guitars the 30/04/2012

We're doing a cool giveaway at Thunder Road Guitars! Simply "Like" the Thunder Road Guitars Facebook for a chance to win yourself a TRG shirt and a box of Daddario strings of your choice! Once we get 750 likes a winner will be announced.

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The Weird Ones

by Thunder Road Guitars the 02/03/2012

The odd ones, the weird ones, the ones with 7 pickups. I’m talking about the next frontier of the vintage guitar market. Companies like Silvertone, Danelectro, Airline, Harmony, and many others that built guitars in the 50s and 60s have been lurking in the vintage guitar world for many years, every now and then poking their heads up a bit and gaining some attention. Every now and then a Jack White will pop up, or guitar players and collectors will get hip to the fact that Jimmy Page used.

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Otentic IFIE-A- signature guitar available at

by Otentic Guitars the 27/10/2011

IFIE-A- guitarplayer of Ziggi Recado has his new signature guitar "the Green". Made by Rene Meulmeester of Otentic guitars. Check out his new guitar at   OTENTIC IFIE-A- SIGNATURE "the Green" IFIE -A- started touring with UK’s Apache Indian in 1999 followed by playing with major Dutch top acts like: Robert Lee (2001), Postmen (2003), Postman (2004), Beef (2005) and Mr. Z (2007). With these artists he recorded several albums. Since January 2009 he is touring...

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DeRailer guitars and other updates

by C.Agnewguitars the 13/10/2011

Well the DeRailers are here and recieving an even warmer welcome than I had expected apparantly people do really appreciatethe quality and effort that goes into these guitars ' the amount of work and time that goes into each one is really not reflected in the price ! But keeping ahead of things we will soon be adding a 10" version of our now very succesful tweed 518 amp with custom 10" eminence driver sure to add plenty of warmth and body to this little baby while still keeping the package...

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Chapter 1: Design or the search of the perfect curves

by Magneto Guitars the 20/08/2011

“Design” has become a very common word these days. In the field of electric guitars “Design” not only means the actual shape and form of the guitar but it also includes the technical aspects such as mass of woods, scale length, hardware types, pickup types etc… In short, the design of an electric guitar is very much the combination of all these aspects and the anticipation of the final result in terms of tone and playability. Since the launch of the Magneto Guitar.

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Designing and Making a Custom Archtop Guitar

by Guitarras JaƩn the 04/08/2011

A few months ago a client came home to start talking about his guitar. He didn't want me to start working on it immediately; he simply brought me some drawings and some specs of what he was thinking. His idea was for a "concept guitar", which he calls "Maple and Water". Water is more obviously present at the inlays: at the fingerboard, he wants some leaves dripping water, and the drops finishing their fall at the tailpiece. The Maple should suggest water also, and he collected some photos of...

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Building Robert Fripps Next Crimson Guitar

by Crimson Guitars the 30/07/2011

The seventh of July 2011   Today we will chart the birth of Robert Fripps new Crimson Guitar and follow it all the way to the final sanding and preparation for the finish. This whole process has also been filmed in glorious full HD and you will be seeing footage as soon as we can edit it down.      Rosewood, Indian rosewood to be specific is a great sounding wood that ticks all the boxes in both the aesthetic and sonic. It makes sense to make an entire guitar from.

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Roger Mayer on Bypassing Myths - Fact or Fiction

by Roger Mayer the 27/07/2011

  Bypassing Myths - Fact or Fiction Most guitar players who ask me about the various bypassing methods that are used today have their own personal reasons as to why they are even interested in knowing about this technical area and may have heard of the various claims that have been attributed to the various bypassing methods in use in today's electronic effects. When then questioned about their favourite guitar player solo they will refer to a specific cut or track from a vinyl album or...

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