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Vintage Bouzouki

Vintage Bouzouki Stringed Instruments For sale

The bouzouki is quite possibly the most popular instrument in modern day Greek music. A bouzouki can have either three pairs of strings, or four pairs of strings. They generally have a ‘pear’ shaped body and an elongated neck. Bouzoukis are part of the long neck lute family and are very similar in many ways to the mandolin.


Bouzoukis existed over two millenniums back (4th century BC) and were the first fretted instrument known to man. The first known bouzouki is now held in a museum. Bouzoukis have been consistently used for centuries in Greek music, although the four pair stringed bouzouki wasn’t invented until the late 1950’s. has a great range of bouzoukis on sale that are great for adding an acoustic vibe to a performance. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our listings right now; check back soon as we regularly update our offers with new vendors.

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