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Vintage Harp

Vintage Harp Stringed Instruments For sale

A harp is a stringed instrument that is usually placed on a lap or a flat surface to be played. The strings are perpendicular to the actual soundboard, and all harps have a neck, strings and a resonator. The strings of harps are generally made out of one of four materials: silk, gut, wire, nylon. The oldest ever harps discovered were found in ancient Sumer; although an exact date of their creation is still unknown, but guesstimated as 4,000 BC.

Harps are of a triangular shape and are generally made out of wood. The body is hollow and resonates, projecting sound through the openings of the harp, and through the soundboard. The harp is a consistently used instrument and is considered to be one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. has a great range of harps on sale that come from many different origins. They all create unique tones and harps can produce some of the most beautiful music known to man. Can’t find the harp you want? Regularly check back at as our listings update regularly.

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